About Officers Benefit Association

Mission Statement:
OBA has the mission of providing quality group term life insurance benefits at competitive prices for government employees, hospital employees, physicians, medical technicians, and first responders.

Message from the President

Since the inception of Officers Benefit Association in 1956, OBA has maintained the mission of providing family protection in the form of term insurance to government employees. OBA has paid claims on a timely basis since its inception striving to give the best service possible to the beneficiaries of our members.              

Recognizing the sacrifice that others make for us as citizens of our great nation, OBA has continued to broaden the benefits to first responders and those that give medical care to our nation.  The war on terrorism has emphasized the need of more service to be provided for First Responders as a result of their continuing heroic sacrifices.

We at Officers Benefit Association would like to thank our members for the privilege of serving them.  We are working hard to make 2010 a year of service as our nation continues its war on terrorism on our soil and the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Again, thank you for your support and call us if we can be of service to you.

Ken H. Nall - President